Bunker Construction


Construction of a sand bunker in process.

These are the classic hazard in a designer's arsenal when it comes to adding difficulty to a hole. These hazards are ubiquitous to almost every golf course in the world, and test the nerves and guile of world class golfers and beginners alike. Constructing a well thought out bunker, with gradients, faces, and shaping to challenge and intrigue players who have the misfortune of visiting them is highly rewarding and we take every care to make sure your designs are followed through to perfection.

Titan Landscapes have all the necessary experience, materials, digging equipment, and measuring devices to make sure your designs for bunkers are implemented to the millimetre. We can also consult with you to help you plan the shape of the bunkers, depending on the soil and structure of the course and earthworks in the vicinity, the materials available, and the costs involved. In this way you can design your course in a manner that matches the aesthetic of the course, and is cost-effective to your budget.

From digging and groundwork, through to precise measurement, and finishing with stonework, sand, and turfed gradients, we can help you make your bunkers among the most feared, or the most beautiful, in the area.



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