Photo of underground golf coarse irrigation being laid out.

Ensuring effective drainage on a golf course is essential for anyone building and designing in the British Isles. In particular the South East, with its clay soils, is particularly prone to drainage issues, but this is commonplace in many locations in the UK. Furthermore, adding drainage to a fully built golf course is enormously disruptive and expensive, and it is therefore vital that we get this aspect right first time.

For this reason we shall take great care in consulting with you at the planning stage, helping you to construct and build your course with drainage systems that work all year round and do not leave areas of your course prone to being waterlogged. With our experience and knowledge of groundworks, construction and golf course design, you can be sure of not only a first class service, but also drainage that doesn't let you down during rainy months.

Once you are happy with the plans and quote, we will implement your design precisely and thoroughly, creating drainage that is inconspicuous for all the right reasons. We can install both deep and shallow drainage, and we can also renovate existing drainage systems if your current setup is not performing as you desire.