golf course contractor in UK

If your course requires regular watering, we can design, dig and install sprinkler systems throughout your course. We can also consult and assist in the design stage, to help you avoid waterlogged areas or dry patches, and enable you to water your course evenly, keeping it looking lush and invigorated all year round. This not only improves the aesthetic of the course, but also improves its play, reducing cracks and imperfections, and promoting more consistent bounce, and run of golf balls in motion.

Having a well watered green is absolutely essential in summer months, national regulations and water legislation permitting. Not only does it allow for consistent and healthy turf growth, keeping groundskeepers happy, but it improves the predictability of ball spin reaction, putting distances, and reaction to gradients, which are an essential part of a well-maintained and properly matured golf course.

There are many types of sprinkler head, and sprinkler system available to the modern day golf course designer, and it takes serious consideration which system is most suited to the site, and the style play that you wish to promote on the course.