Lakes and streams


unfinished golf course lake

Adding a water feature is a great way to make a golf course more challenging. While accuracy from the tee, and on the approach is always important, the mere existence of water on a hole (with the threat of effectively 2 dropped strokes) presents a mental challenge, as well as one of golfing skills. Titan Landscape Ltd have created lakes of up to 3.5 hectares in size, large enough to present a water hazard for the entirety of a par 5 hole.

We also create streams and rivers. We can either re-direct existing water around your course (with appropriate permissions), or create artificial streams, with recirculating systems for the effect of a living waterway. Even the presence of a small brook bisecting a green or crossing a fairway adds considerable interest to a previously sparse hole, and compels a golfer to think long and hard about their approach and strategy.

We will create the water feature to your precise measurements if required, recreating gradients, contours, and boundaries to make sure the water feature is both safe to golfers and dangerous for their shots.