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A good tee area sets the tone for the rest of the hole, and the rest of the course. When designing the course, you may be considering the vista that appears to the golfer as they line up their drive. Elevation, obstructions, and ensuring the tees are the right distance from the start of the fairway, are all vital aspects that a course designer will consider when renovating a hole, or building one from scratch.

A hole may have many tee areas of course, to cater to junior players, amateurs and professionals, and each one should be constructed, levelled, and finished to the same degree of thought and love. At Titan Landscapes Ltd, we have access to the latest laser equipment to ensure a level tee, and that it is precisely measured out in its construction.

We can cater to all practical aspects of your golf course renovation, and will complete all groundworks, earth shaping, hard and soft landscaping as necessary. With our expertise you can construct all tees and other aspects of your course to conform to R&A standards, or international guidance as necessary.


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